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Cogar Nua

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COGAR NEW is a brand new version of the famous textbook COGAR.

It is suitable for all secondary school levels from year one to year six.

It is an excellent grammar book that covers all aspects of the grammar course.

There are explanations and grammar exercises at the appropriate level.

COGAR NUA is laid out clearly and simply in a way that will help students to start learning grammar with ease.

COGAR NUA provides a comprehensive presentation of all the grammatical items needed to achieve writing accuracy and accurate use of the language.

The written exercises together with the sample sentences and expressions that accompany each item in the book greatly help students to excel in writing Irish.

The book gives a comprehensive explanation of the following aspects of grammar: Regular and Irregular Verbs; the Disadvantages; the genitive case; the Conditional Method; the Simple Preposition; the Prepositional Pronoun; the Adjective and the Possessive Adjective; the numbers; Degrees of Adjective Comparison; the Verbal Name; the Verbal Adjective.