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Early Childhood Education and Care

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Unique new text introducing the theories and concepts of Early Childhood Education and Care, highlighting the knowledge, values and skills required to become a competent ECEC practitioner in Ireland today.

Written by educators, practitioners and policy experts from across Ireland, this book is organised in four parts:

Part 1: Theoretical Underpinnings of Early Childhood Education and Care

Introduces students to the key concepts and theories from a range of relevant disciplines, enabling them to make sense of a child’s place in the world.

Part 2: Approaches to Early Childhood Education and Care

Demonstrates the richness and breadth of pre-school learning models, describing the numerous theoretical and practical perspectives in early education and care.

Part 3: Pedagogy and Learning

Explores the different types of environments and situations contributing to young children’s learning and reinforces the importance of engaging with parents and the community.

Part 4: structures and Issues

Outlines the unique character of the ECEC sector in Ireland, while also highlighting the importance of ethics and the significance of diversity in ECEC practice.

Suitable For:

Undergraduate degree programmes in Early Childhood Education and Care in Institutes of Technology and Colleges of Education.