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Economics Now (Incl. Exam Handbook)

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Economics Now is written in line with the new Leaving Certificate Economics Specification, Research Project and written examination. Using a student-friendly and exam-focused approach, this textbook and accompanying Student Exam Handbook promote a strong understanding of the subject, translating that into great exam technique.

Features of the book include:

Learning Intentions for each chapter frame the topics to assist structured teaching and learning

Key Definitions stand out for emphasis and revision

Class Activities throughout the text encourage research, discussion and debate

Weblinks and YouTube references bring the content to life, making it more interactive

Test Your Knowledge questions are ideal for consolidation/homework and revision

References to the Student Exam Handbook extend the questioning to the exam and Research Project

Relevant Log Tables are given at the back of the book

Economics Now is accompanied by a FREE Student Exam Handbook, containing:

Sample exam questions

Guidance and templates for the Research Project