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Introducing ICT Basic To Intermediate

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The assignments are graded and progressive, to suit all abilities, and cover word processing, spreadsheets, databases and Internet/email

Can be used as a text for the wide range of courses in computer applications which are offered in schools, colleges and training centres and is particularly suitable for Leaving Certificate Applied classes

Students will welcome the absence of jargon, the up-to-date information on new technology and the colourful presentation of the book

A linked website contains answers to assignments (available to teachers only) and data for the assignments on spreadsheets and databases, to maximise the efficient use of classroom time

Unit 1: Know your computer

Computer Systems

The Parts of a Computer

Input Devices

Output Devices

Storing Data

Computer Networks


Unit 2: Word Processing

Introduction to Word Processing

Word Processing Assignments 1–29

Unit 3: Spreadsheets

Introduction to Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Assignments 1–25

Unit 4: Databases

Introduction to Databases

Database Assignments 1–26

Unit 5: Internet and E-mail

The Internet

The World Wide Web (WWW)


Shopping On-line

Internet and E-mail Assignments 1–19