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Language Lessons Ordinary Level

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Language Lessons Ordinary Level is a focused and practical guide to achieving top marks in Ordinary Level English Paper 1.

Written by an experienced Ordinary Level teacher with the specific needs of the Ordinary Level student in mind

Scaffolding, prompts for beginning an answer, and accessible tips for picking up marks provide solutions for the recurring difficulties that may be experienced by Ordinary Level students

Practical, student-focused approach bridges the gap between Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate English, developing Ordinary Level students’ ability to compose longer and more structured answers

Past exam questions with realistic sample and modelled answers

Write-in element encourages self-editing and guides students towards confidence in answering exam questions

Clear guides on the appropriate structure and register required for each genre in Composing Section

Wide range of extracts on modern and topical issues relevant to Leaving Certificate students in the Comprehending Section

Essential grammar and spelling revision

Focus on visual literacy

Consistent focus on PCLM marking scheme

Free eBook of this textbook (see inside front cover for details). Gill Education eBooks can be accessed both online and offline!