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On the Farm: A Friendly Story with Flaps to Lift (Was €6.30 Now €3.50)

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Baa, baa! What's going on at Friendly Farm? The gate is broken and the sheep are in the vegetable garden! Meanwhile, Dora the cat is looking for her four kittens - lift the flap to see if Rusty the orange kitten is in the stable. That just leaves Snowdrop, Smokey and Patch to find. . . After Farmer Sam has mended the gate and put the sheep back in their field, next he needs to repair the tractor. But what are those mice up to in the cupboard and the toolbox? Open the door and lift the lid to find out. Vroom, vroom! The tractor is working and Farmer Sam is off to feed the cows. But in all the commotion, no one has spotted Billy the goat in the orchard, snacking on a shirt - can you see him in the campers' tent? The excitement never ends at Friendly Farm! With so much to explore and look at, this appealing book is packed with surprises for children to enjoy. The simple language and entertaining images make this book perfect for reading aloud to little ones, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves.

Board Book

10 pages, Illustrations throughout

Published: 2016 by Anness Publishing