Exercise Your English 1 (Edco)

Exercise Your English 1 (Edco)

Publisher: Edco

Author: Breda Courtney Murphy, Edel McCarthy Cronin & Frances Arthur


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Product Description

Exercise Your English 1 is a colourful activity book which has been written by experienced primary teachers for children at the first class stage. Exercise Your English 1 prvides activities based on improving language, phonics, grammar, poetry, writing, reading and comprehension skellsthroughout the series in a fun and engaging manner. A structured programme in Language, Phonics, Grammar, Poetry, Writing, Reading and Comprehension.

Written in line with the Revised Primary School Curriculum, covering all Strands and Strand Units for English in a coulourful and simple format. An excellent use of pictures and photosensures that all eight books are bright, colourful and appealing to children. Contents pages are clearly laid out and easy to use. Provides a comprehensive bank of activities which are varied and engaging. Revision Chapters , with fun activities, are included in all books from First to Sixth Class.  

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