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The Predators

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THE PREDATORS takes you on a wild odyssey through the gaudy and reckless life of Jerry Cooper: his struggle to survive in depression New York; his years in Europe during the war; his friends, wives and lovers; his life in organised crime and his entrance into the world of high-powered international business. Into the world of Plesscassier. The premier purveyor of vintage French spring water, its owner Jean Pierre Martine is a consummate rogue whose all-consuming greed is rivalled only by his unbridled sexual desires.

But Plescassier is not yet the global colossus it may one day become. For all Jean Pierre's flair, the company lacks that single-minded individual who will propel it to its rightful place at the top of the international market. Jerry Cooper with his enormous appetites, financial genius and criminal past is such a person.

As is Giselle, the former French courtesan, who is the driving force behind both Jerry and Jean Pierre, who inflames their ambition, their vanity, their destiny, their dream. And shares their bed.

Published by Simon & Schuster. Paperback.