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Wild Justice (Was €11.50, Now €4.50)

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One man wants to rule the world. One man needs to stop him.

A passenger plane bound for London is taken hostage. Their only hope of rescue is anti-terrorist chief Peter Stride, leader of Thor Command. As Peter and his team work to diffuse the situation, they uncover a sinister plot coordinated by a shadowy figure known only as Caliph, with plans as mysterious as they are violent.

But this is not just one incident. Thor Command obtains evidence that Caliph has agents in almost every country across the globe and has already orchestrated a series of targeted terrorist attacks. As Peter rushes to unveil the identity of Caliph, he learns Caliph's ultimate, terrifying goal - to take control of the entire world.

In a race against time and with an enemy who always seems two steps ahead, is Peter capable of doing what it takes to stop Caliph - once and for all?

Published by Zaffre. Paperback.