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21st Century Business 4th ed (Incl. Workbook)

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This revised and updated 4th edition of 21st Century Business includes several new features, is strongly exam-focused and was completed following an in-depth review of recent Leaving Certificate Business papers at both Higher and Ordinary Levels.

This is an accessible textbook that has proved popular with students for many years. Completely redesigned, the 4th Edition has been updated to reflect recent economic and political changes in Ireland and abroad, and it addresses key alterations in Irish business legislation. Included in the pack is a new workbook that will help students to consolidate what they have learned.

It includes:

Opening section outlining the layout and structure of the Leaving Certificate examination.

Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter to guide students on the skills and knowledge they are expected to learn.

Essential ‘evaluations’ of all legislation on the course, as well as many other topics. This fully prepares students for a style of question that has appeared on every Higher Level exam paper to date.

Numerous fully worked examples and step-by-step guides to the mathematical calculations on the course.

Real-world business studies and illustrations, with contemporary examples that will resonate with students.

Concepts explained in a way that is totally accessible for students of all abilities – suitable for both the Ordinary and Higher Level courses.

A workbook shrinkwrapped to the textbook to assist students in their consolidation work.