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Ancient Rome

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A pocket encyclopedia for kids bursting with facts about the mighty Roman Empire!Fit a world of information into your pocket with this essential reference guide for young history buffs! Curious minds can explore impressive stats, cool pictures, and incredible facts about the ancient history of Rome. Inside the pages of Pocket Eyewitness Ancient Rome, you'll find: - Engaging content suitable for ages 9-12, Key Stage 2 (KS2)- Colourful photography with clear text in bite-sized "fact file" chunks will encourage and inform even reluctant readers- Punchy bullet-point facts provide at-a-glance information - A fun series in a pocket-size format - build up your own Pocket Eyewitness mini library! Did you know that over 50 000 people could fit into the Colosseum at one time? Or that Romans used public baths and used olive oil instead of soap? Kids can read up about all of this and all the information they ever needed to know about ancient Rome - gods, gladiators, baths, battles, and more! Go back in time with this pocket-sized book about ancient Rome and learn all about the impressive feats of one of the world's greatest civilisations. From the Roman Emperors to ordinary citizens, explore fascinating facts about their remarkable technology, the most popular toys and games, music, how people dressed and the military might of this ancient behemoth.

Get fast facts at your fingertips with the DK Pocket Eyewitness Series, packed with bite-sized chunks of information on just about anything. Be sure to check out the other titles in this collection, including Rocks and Minerals, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Cars, Horses, Dogs, Sharks, Space, Human Body, Animals, Earth, Mammals, Ancient Egypt, and Inventions.

Format: Paperback, 72 pages