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Fully meets the requirements of the revised CSPE short course and Wellbeing Guidelines

Ready-to-go lessons centre around focused activities to maximise student participation and active learning

Write-in format means all of the student’s work is in one place

All lessons are mapped to the Learning Outcomes and Wellbeing Indicators

Key Skills and Success Criteria alongside every activity

A broad range of media including infographics, statistics, social media posts, videos, articles, posters, cartoons and case studies

Up-to-date content including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Suez Canal blockage and the fallout of Brexit

Students are given regular opportunities to reflect on their learning and their own lived experiences

Suggested Citizenship Actions at the end of each chapter include exciting ideas for debate, petitions, mock elections and more

Dedicated section on the Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) provides scaffolding to support students as they complete their Citizenship Action Record