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Care of the Older Person FETAC 5

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NIFAST is a FETAC accredited leading specialist in health and safety training in Ireland and is associated with the Health and Safety Authority, IOSH, NISO and RoSPA.

A new textbook for the Care of the Older Person FETAC award 5N2706, covering a wide range of issues related to the care of the older person, while presenting the essential knowledge, skills and competencies required to meet the needs of the older person in a variety of care settings.

Introduces a range of age-related issues such as healthy ageing, demographic trends, and normal physiological and psychological processes of ageing.

Examines the social impact of and various attitudes to ageing.

Highlights the role of the healthcare assistant in providing care and promoting positive attitudes to ageing.

Explores the physical, social, emotional, psychological, recreational, financial, environmental and spiritual needs of the older person.

Discusses issues relating to mental illness and dementia.

Identifies appropriate care practices to meet the needs both of the dying older person and of the older person with sensory or cognitive impairment or physical disabilities.

Facilitates aspects of care of the older person to include empowerment, advocacy, independence, dignity, respect, choice and self-esteem.

Presents guidelines on how to communicate effectively and respectfully with the relatives of the older person.


Care of the Older Person (5N2706) as part of the following major awards:

Community Care (5M2786)

Health Service Skills (5M3782)

Health Care Support (5M4339)

Nursing Studies (5M4349)

Community Health Service Level 5 (5M4467) and (5M4468)