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Care Skills and Care Support FETAC 5

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NIFAST is a FETAC accredited leading specialist in health and safety training in Ireland and is associated with the Health and Safety Authority, IOSH, NISO and RoSPA.

A new textbook written for the FETAC modules Care Skills (5N2770) and Care Support (5N0758), introducing the knowledge, skills and competencies required to work effectively in a healthcare setting and to care for clients in a safe and hygienic environment.

Part 1: Care Skills

Examines the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual needs of people in care.

Addresses the hygiene and daily healthcare needs of dependent clients and the importance of reporting changes in a client’s condition to the supervisor.

Promotes key interpersonal skills including empathy, respect, patience and effective communication.

Highlights client safety and security procedures involved in washing, showering, positioning, moving and handling.

Outlines correct procedures in the use, cleaning and replacement of a range of patient equipment.

Part 2: Care Support

Presents the roles, responsibilities and entitlements of a healthcare worker.

Examines the healthcare worker’s role within a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Provides focus on the need for planning to meet the needs of the individual client as well as the healthcare worker.

Encourages reflection on professional relationships and personal effectiveness as a means of development and growth


Care Skills (5N2770) and Care Support (5N0758) as part of the following major awards:

Community Care (5M2786)

Health Service Skills (5M3782)

Healthcare Support (5M4339)

Nursing Studies (5M4349)