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Communications for Healthcare FETAC 5

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NIFAST is a FETAC accredited leading specialist in health and safety training in Ireland and is associated with the Health and Safety Authority, IOSH, NISO and RoSPA.

A new textbook based on the revised QQI module (5N0690) introducing the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to communicate verbally and non-verbally within the context of any healthcare setting.

Explains how to use verbal and non-verbal communication in a personal and work setting, including one-to-one and group/team situations, as well as formal and informal interaction.

Highlights the importance of good listening skills in order to accurately receive and interpret information.

Demonstrates appropriate verbal skills to effectively present a point of view in a group discussion, formal meeting or interview.

Highlights specific barriers to communication in healthcare.

Introduces various communication styles relevant to different situations in the workplace.

Presents information on relevant legislation relating to communications, especially within a healthcare setting.


Health Service Skills (5M3782) • Healthcare Support (5M4339) • Nursing Studies (5M4349) • Community Health Services (5M4467) • Community Health Services (5M4468) • Applied Social Studies (5M2181) • Community Care (5M2786) • Community Development (5M3050)