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Design in Wood Pack

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Including A3 Activity Book and Learning Log Book

A comprehensive, balanced approach to the new Junior Cycle Wood Technology specification that responds to teachers’ and students’ needs

Clear, relevant information and active learning opportunities presented in a visually appealing format

Step-by-step approach to core skills such as sketching

Thoughtful tasks and problems showcase real world applications to spark creativity

Clear instructions for using technology and working with wood

Scaffolded questions and opportunities for reflection and revision

Strategies and templates to simplify the design-thinking process

Opportunities for research, presenting and reflecting help to prepare students for Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) and the Junior Cycle Project

Exam-style questions in line with the SEC Sample Paper help to prepare students for their final exam

A3 Activity Book

Clear, scaffolded tasks with appropriate space for students to practise sketching and drawing and develop these vital skills

Templates help students to plan and evaluate their design projects, which sets them up to complete a folio for their Junior Cycle Project

Log Book

Self-evaluation and peer critique opportunities help students to evaluate their work and track their progress

Prepares students well for the reflection element of CBA 2

Digital Resources

Editable planning templates and project design folios

Onscreen flipbooks and PowerPoints

Exclusive videos, with accompanying questions to facilitate group discussion