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Developing Managers And Leaders

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· Provides a theoretical understanding of the multiple components of management and leadership development

· Provides practical advice and ideas for current and future managers and leaders who wish to enhance their professional development in organisations

· Written for practitioners who design, implement and evaluate management and leadership development processes

· Also written for those undertaking specialist undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes of study, in which there is a focus on the development of managers and leaders

· The text has an attractive, full-colour design and is organised into four parts as follows:

Part One summarises key concepts and theories, the context of leadership development and the nature of management and leadership. Topics include: the scope and purpose of management and leadership development; the nature of managerial work; theoretical views on leadership; recent debates in leadership research.

Part Two focuses on organisational aspects of management and leadership development including: the positioning of management and leadership in organisations; the structure of leadership development activities; the use of competency-based approaches to leadership development and talent management.

Part Three analyses interventions and processes including: formal management and leadership development interventions; informal management and leadership development processes; and developmental relationships in organisations.

Part Four examines various aspects of management and leadership development for different groups and contexts. Topics include: individual development and self-managed learning; career development processes; and development issues associated with different groups. There is a focus on the comparative aspects of management and leadership development and an examination of whether there is convergence or divergence in thinking and practices on management and leadership development.