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Entrepreneurship in Ireland

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New textbook presenting the enterprise environment in Ireland and the concept of entrepreneurship, together with the principles of business management and their application within an Irish SME start-up context.

Reviews current enterprise policies, focusing on research, development and innovation within a ‘smart economy’ with details of various State agencies and the assistance they can offer.

Clearly explains the concept of entrepreneurship and explores the main sources of business ideas.

Explores the main areas of business management within an Irish context:

Identifies various types of business organisations

Outlines sources of finance, public procurement, financial management and auditing principles

Presents key Irish taxation obligations of small and medium enterprises

Highlights relevant Irish employment legislation, insurance information and legal issues relating to the sale of goods and services

Strong focus is placed on intellectual property rights.

Considers various issues that arise in a business start-up, such as new product development, stages of growth, options for insolvent companies, as well as exit strategies

Provides a sample layout of a feasibility study and a business plan to aid the student when embarking on an entrepreneurship project.


- Students taking entrepreneurship courses in universities and Institutes of Technology

- Fáilte Ireland courses where entrepreneurship is a module

- Any course where entrepreneurship is a module

- People managing their own business, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs