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Exam Solutions Biology

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Exam Solutions For Leaving Certificate Biology Higher Level is a comprehensive revision guide. Each topic on the Leaving Certificate course is dealt with in a separate chapter, with every exam question from 2008 to 2018 supplied with the answer and marking scheme. This allows you to:

• Revise each topic as it is covered.

• Save yourself valuable time as there is no need to search through past papers.

• Learn which topics are the most frequently asked.

• See that the same questions are asked frequently.

• Learn the briefest way to answer a question.

• Clarify why some points are accepted and others are not.

• Avoid common pitfalls in the exam.

• Learn the level of detail required to attain full marks.

• This guide is the ideal complement to your textbook, giving you all the information in the context of past Leaving Certificate papers to aid your exam preparation!