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@Home 2nd edition Pack

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The Second Edition of the @Home textbook package for Junior Cycle Home Economics includes the Textbook, Activities and Assessment Book & @Home with the Practical Book.

@Home is your trusted three-year textbook for the Common Level Junior Cycle Home Economics course.


Sustainability Starts @Home feature integrates the Sustainable and Responsible Living element across all areas of the course

SEC Assessment Questions feature at the end of every chapter

Child development chapter, including the importance of play and children’s online safety

Up-to-date information, facts, statistics and tasks

Chapter openers include Learning Outcomes for the teacher and learning intentions, key terms and knowledge-check questions for the student

Show You Know! checkpoints throughout each chapter for continuous evaluation

Hands On! feature in every chapter provides active learning ideas

Lit Hit and That’s Maths features incorporate literacy and numeracy throughout

Extend Your Learning tasks, with relevant videos and links, provide opportunity for further research

Home Stretch feature combines and applies knowledge at the close of each chapter

Guidance for Classroom-Based Assessment 1: Creative Textiles, including Features of Quality, a detailed overview of the design brief process, and sample design briefs for Option 1 and Option 2

Food composition tables for easy reference

The student @Home package is completed by the @Home Activities and Assessment book, the @Home With the Practical book and digital resources.