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Junior Cycle Success Geography

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Junior Cycle Success – Geography is an exciting revision book that greatly reduces the workload on students studying for their final exam. Such is the quality of the information provided for students of Junior Cycle Geography that the book may be used as a traditional revision aid or as a textbook used to cover the entire course.

Each strand is covered in detail – exploring the physical world, how we interact with the physical world and exploring people, place and change. Both CBA 1 and CBA 2 are examined in depth to ensure students are well prepared for this challenging aspect of the course.

The book adopts a topic-based approach to Junior Cycle Geography and each topic contains a variety of photographs, diagrams and graphs designed to enhance the students’ understanding of the concepts and processes involved. Sample Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs are included with the book.

In order to give students confidence prior to the exam, sample questions and answers are provided in SEC format. Additional online resources are accessible through the use of QR codes throughout the textbook.