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Junior Cycle Success History

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Junior Cycle Success – History is an invaluable asset for all Junior Cycle History students. The revision book is concise and exam focused, offering all of the relevant information from every part of the course as well as detailed analysis of CBA 1 and CBA 2.

Each strand is covered in detail – the nature of history, the history of Ireland and the history of Europe and the wider world. The book makes use of a wide variety of visually appealing sources, allowing the students to engage with the learning outcomes and strands.

The authors have adopted a topic-based approach to Junior Cycle History, with key exam topics such as the Renaissance, Exploration, the 1960s, Ancient Civilisations and much more covered in detail.

In order to give students confidence prior to the exam, sample questions and answers are provided in SEC format.

Additional online resources are accessible through the use of QR codes throughout the textbook.