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Junior Cycle Success Science

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Junior Cycle Success – Science is designed to support student learning in the new Junior Cycle Science specification, introduced in 2016 and first examined in 2019. All strands are covered in detail – the nature of science, earth and space and the physical, chemical and biological worlds.

The revision book includes examples of how scientists work and how scientific evidence can be gathered and evaluated. Clear guidelines are included to help students carry out laboratory investigations and scientific research, which are assessed during two CBAs during second and third year, to a high standard.

Junior Cycle Success adopts a topic-based approach to Science, with all topics presented in student-friendly language with appealing diagrams and images. Key exam topics are covered in detail, e.g., Energy, Cells, Climate Change, Atomic Structure, Cycles in Nature and Sustainability.

In order to give students confidence prior to the exam, sample questions and answers are provided in SEC format.

Additional online resources are accessible through the use of QR codes throughout the textbook.