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Landscapes Option 7 Geoecology

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Landscapes: Option 7 Geoecology guides students to top marks with relevant exam-focused content. This book comprises:

Soil Development

• Soil Characteristics

• Biomes

• Human Interference with Biomes


Written using the language of the examination

Syllabus Links at the start of the chapters allow for teacher planning

Learning Intentions unpack the learning into manageable focused lessons for students

Exam Link provides relevant questions beside the text, putting the learning in context

Definitions throughout the chapters assist learning and revision

Clear and concise diagrams, in line with examinations and easy for students to reproduce

Check Your Learning boxes provide opportunities for assessment for learning throughout the chapters

Note boxes provide additional relevant information to enhance the topic

Did You Know? boxes bring interesting facts into the classroom to engage students in the learning

Chapter Links show students where other areas of the course may be relevant to the learning

Examination Questions are provided with up-to-date marking schemes

This textbook comes with a free eBook. See inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline.