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A new examination of macroeconomics that deals with topics relating to economic growth, unemployment and inflation, with particular emphasis on contemporary Irish and European economic issues.

Introduces the principles of macroeconomic theory and policy in a clear and concise way, with particular emphasis on small, open economies.

Discusses the origins of the current ‘Great Recession’, the Troika agreement and the sustainability of Ireland’s national debt.

Outlines alternative short- and long-run economic models and demonstrates how to use these models in evaluating today’s economic issues.

Provides students with an evaluation of the long-run economic performance of the Irish economy, looking at the factors that led to the present crisis and the policies that will help us emerge from it.

Looks at Ireland’s experience as a member of the euro area and the prospects for the euro area in light of the current crisis.

Written For:

Macroeconomics at undergraduate level in universities and Institutes of Technology

Macroeconomics modules at postgraduate level