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Project Maths Solutions Leaving Certificate Higher Level 2014 - 2022

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Please note this is an old edition. Replaced by ISBN 9781916620186

The Book Includes Questions and solutions from 2014 to 2022 (inclusive) of actual Papers . The definitive resource book for all leaving cert Higher level maths students. No other solutions book has as many exam paper solutions, despite the claims of other solutions books!

The only solution book which has all the Leaving cert maths questions and solutions in one volume. Clear, easy to understand solutions for Leaving Cert Higher Level maths.

Included in the solutions book are notes on and sample solutions for Functions,Probability,Inferential Statistics and Financial Maths.

Over 520 pages of complete solutions for all actual Higher Maths papers . We assume that you ‘know nothing’ and take it from there!

The layout of this book is unique in the fact that the question is on the left hand page with the solution on the right hand page. The solutions are by topic making it easy to see what is being examined in each topic The official marking scheme is shown on each question. Every step is explained, we also include some interesting ways of making difficult questions easy! Every question has been examined in detail, to see if you can spot the patterns!

The “Must Know Files” everything you need to know to get full marks in each question and advice and tips on what is the best approach to achieving maximum marks.