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Modern Office Technology And Administration 5th Edition

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Fully revised edition of this popular and well-established textbook, which reflects the requirements of the Level 5 modules Information and Administration [5N1389] and Reception and Frontline Office Skills [5N1407].


Unit 1: The Business Working Environment

Presents the various legal structures for companies and defines departmental functions within a business.

Includes updates to employment, health and safety, and data protection legislation to reflect new EU directives.

Unit 2: Receptionist and Office Administrator Duties

Outlines developments in switchboard technology, shared electronic diaries and Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 calendar and task modules.

Details recent developments in financial transaction activities.

Includes adjustments to payroll calculations and business transactions.

Unit 3: Information Technology Infrastructure

Reflects developments in computer hardware and office software – MS Office Professional 2013, database methods, web security issues and viruses.

Introduces cloud computing and social computing.

Unit 4: Postal, Electronic and Mobile Communication

Presents updates on postal services, charges and online business solutions.

Reflects changes in the Microsoft Outlook 2013 email system and advances in mobile communications.

Unit 5: Filing and Retrieving Information

Outlines developments in Electronic Document Management (EDM) and security of files through encryption.

Written For:

Information and Administration Level 5 module [5N1389], as part of:

Office Administration 5M1997

Information Processing 5M2067

Marketing 5M2069

Business Studies 5M2102

Business Administration 5M2468

Health Service Skills 5M3782