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New Appreciating Art

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All Sections of Focus are covered to provide you with maximum choice and to provide ample inspiration for practical work

All chapters in the Europe and Ireland Content Areas are carefully structured under the six elements as headings, to ensure that learning is aligned to the requirements of the specification

Illustrated timelines at the start of each unit place the artistic movements in context

Up-to-date content with units on Modernism and Post-1960s Art and a section on Today’s World with ‘Meet the Artist’ profiles on contemporary Irish artists

Attractive design, images and layout, student-friendly writing, key terms and definitions and a glossary make the content accessible and support the use of critical and visual language

A useful Introduction to Visual Studies and engaging Research, Create and Respond activities integrate the practical and theoretical parts of the course and support learning across all strands

Annotated photos and artworks with composition analysis diagrams foster analytical skills

Chapter Reviews include questions that increase in difficulty from fact retrieval to open-ended higher-order questions and questions on unseen pieces of artwork to allow for differentiation

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