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Othello Gill

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This new and beautifully illustrated edition of Othello, from the trusted Gill Shakespeare Focus series, expertly assists students in understanding Shakespeare’s great tragedy and thoroughly prepares them for the Leaving Certificate exam.

Detailed scene-by-scene analysis:

◆ Introductory overview

◆ Summary and in-depth Critical Analysis

◆ Study of Shakespeare’s Language

◆ Key Quotes plus commentary

◆ Exam-style questions and Sample Paragraphs with Examiner’s Comments

Essential study notes:

◆ Characters – analytical study

◆ Central Themes and Issues

◆ Dramatic Techniques (Irony, Soliloquies)

◆ Othello as a Comparative Text – modes defined, exemplar paragraphs with Examiner’s Comments

◆ Exam Technique – giving guidance on how to achieve top marks with notes on purposeful use of

key scenes, paragraphing succinctly and quoting effectively

◆ Full Sample Essays – marked and graded with invaluable Examiner’s Comments

◆ Sample answer plans and paragraphs – enable students to scaffold successful answers

◆ Sample Leaving Certificate exam questions

Most in-depth Comparative Study notes and tips

Only edition to feature Examiner’s Comments