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Retailing in Ireland

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A unique new book that presents a broad review of the Irish retail sector while delivering unique insights into its operation and the market forces that drive its development.

Addresses contemporary retail themes and issues within the following subjects:

Marketing and Branding






Provides an historical overview of the evolution of retailing in Ireland, its heritage brands and the emergence of modern shopping formats.

Analyses the productivity and efficiency of Ireland’s distribution model in comparison with international norms.

Discusses changing consumer trends and characteristics, analysing their impact on the retail offering.

Presents an overview of the internationalisation of the Irish retail sector.

Reviews the influence of regulation on retail development in Ireland.

Explores the impact of technology on decision-making,including location optimisation, customer targeting and online retailing.

Assesses the rise of collaborative independent retail networks and the role of community-based retailing in the future development of the sector.

Written by a team of specialist lecturers from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Written for:

Students of retailing at undergraduate and postgraduate level

Marketing students taking a specialist retail module

Retailing practitioners in Ireland