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Romeo and Juliet Gill (incl. Portfolio)

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Approach based on both Ordinary and Higher Level papers to date, the SEC Marking Schemes, and the Learning Outcomes specified for the final exam.

Designed so that Romeo and Juliet can be taught within a 4- to 6-week time frame.

Each act progressively teaches character, theme, literary terms, language and stagecraft. Everything to be learned for each act is signalled in visual format.

Supports active learning with engaging oral and writing activities.

Focus on stagecraft and play in performance.

Meaningful connections to the Eight Key Skills of the Junior Cycle Framework.

Key moments are highlighted in the text, with full analysis directly alongside text.

Highlighted key quotes support learning.

Scaffolded model answers provided for past exam questions.

Scaffolded support is given for CBAs 1 and 2 based on the text of the play.

Strong imagery and attractive visual summaries for each act enable students of all abilities to quickly grasp storyline.

Revision plans support students in the weeks and days before the final exam.