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S.A.L.F. Folder for Junior Classes

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The revised SALF (Self Assessment and Learning Folders) provides schools and teachers with a structured framework that bridges teacher-led learning and assessment with child-led learning and assessment. The book has a comprehensive digital companion page.

SALF: Self Assessment Learning Folders

As part of using SALF, children will need a folder to collate and store their selected work. A Junior Folder/Fillteán do Ranganna Sóisearacha is recommended for children in Junior Infants to 1st Classes. This scrapbook-like folder is where the children store the work that they have selected as best evidence of their learning. They can do this by direct entry (e.g. drawing or writing) or by cut ‘n’ paste – the choice is theirs. A key part of SALF is that when they select each piece of work, they justify their selection at the bottom of each page – I chose this because……

The Outside the Box Junior Folder/Fillteán do Ranganna Sóisearacha differs to a scrapbook in that it has a SALF Organsier/M’eagraí and subtle prompts on the top of each page to guide the child. Inside pages are also white (with prompts) making it easier for the child to do direct entries (e.g. drawing or writing).  The OTB Junior Folder/Fillteán do Ranganna Sóisearacha has also been purposely designed to be robust as firstly it gets a lot of use throughout the year and secondly it is brought home regularly for parents/guardians to see/comment and its oversized format may not fit fully in their schoolbag for protection.