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Safety and Health at Work Fetac 5

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NIFAST is a FETAC accredited leading specialist in health and safety training in Ireland and is associated with the Health and Safety Authority, IOSH, NISO and RoSPA.

A new textbook based on the revised QQI module (5N1794) introducing the knowledge, skill and competence to promote and maintain safety and health in a work environment.

Analyses the duties of employers and employees as specified in current safety, health and welfare at work legislation.

Discusses the role and function of the Health and Safety Authority.

Examines the importance of communication, training and safe work practices.

Explains the causes, prevention, reporting and recording of accidents and dangerous occurrences, and presents guidance on emergency procedures.

Identifies specific hazards and risks when working with equipment, and the appropriate procedures for use and disposal of hazardous materials and waste.

Examines issues related to infection prevention and control, including emergency procedures for suspected contamination.

Investigates risk factors in relation to safety, including the effects of medication, alcohol and drugs.

Details the contents of a first aid kit and their appropriate uses


All courses where Safety and Health at Work (5N1794) is a component module.