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Shortcuts to Success: The Spanish Oral LC

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Shortcuts to Success teach you the exam success tips that have been shown to work. Written by teachers with a proven track record of exam success, they will show you how to achieve your best results.

The Spanish Oral covers the oral exam in easy-to-follow topic by topic units.

Includes the most common questions for each topic with suggested answers

Each unit has an exercise sheet which allows students to write their own, personally relevant answers to the questions

Provides examples of an oral exam dialogue at three different levels: Nivel Bajo (for struggling students), Nivel Medio (for competent students) and Nivel Avanzado (for more proficient students)

Glossaries are included where appropriate, to ensure that students are given all the vocabulary they require to prepare their answers

Covers topical issues such as unemployment, drugs and alcohol abuse


a unit with useful phrases, with each phrase followed by a sample sentence from an oral exam

a concise grammar review

a sample film and book review

up-to-date roleplays

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the oral exam covering:

the breakdown of the marks

the format of the exam

an insight into what the examiner is looking for

student hints and tips