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Skills for Exam Success Geography

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Skills for Exam Success Geography builds skills and perfects exam technique through exam tips, annotated sample answers and exam-style questions that fulfil the Learning Outcomes.

Comprehensive examination guide and practice book catering for all students of Junior Cycle Geography.

Each chapter structures the revision of topics around questions, many of which use the language of the exam.

Exam Hints help students interpret and attempt questions and maximise marks.

GeoSkill tips are given where a question that requires a geographical skill appears.

Each chapter has exam-style questions, some taken from the sample exam and some completely new.

Sample answers with marking scheme and annotations are given throughout.

Includes OS maps at various scales: 1:50000, 1:25000 and 1:10000.

Students are prompted to complete innovative mind maps, which will be invaluable study aids.

Skills for Exam Success Geography comes with a FREE eBook! See the inside front cover for details. Gill Education eBooks are accessible both online and offline.