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Social Care: Learning from Practice

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Written by social care workers, this unique multi-contributory book draws on insightful stories of practice to discuss the key issues that impact on social care today.

Provides a wealth of practical knowledge from the experiences of social care workers who have worked with different groups in diverse settings.

Goes behind the rhetoric and theory to examine the unpredictable, difficult and challenging aspects of social care work.

Draws from real-life case studies illustrating both positive and negative experiences and outcomes, and examines the tasks and core competencies of social care work.

Reflects on the professionalisation of social care as a vital service utilised by Tusla (Child and Family Agency), the Health Service Executive and other stakeholders.

Discusses the evolution of social care from residential child care to an expanded, multifaceted and integrated practice.

Details the establishment of the representative body Social Care Ireland (SCI) in 2011, which is made up of the Irish Association of Social Care Workers (IASCW), the Irish Association of Social Care Management (IASCM) and the Irish Association of Social Care Educators (IASCE).

Written For:

Students of Social Care

Social care workers preparing for continuing professional development (CPD), and allied health and social care professionals

Those interested in a career in social care