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Spelling Made Fun G

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Spelling Made Fun is a new and innovative fun, multi-sensory spelling programme developed specifically for Irish Primary schools and has been extensively reviewed by practising teachers nationwide. Workbook G is suitable for 6th Class.


32 weekly units of work with 16 spellings in each unit. Each unit has 2 pages of fun activities to reinforce the spelling.

The words in the spelling lists are words relevant to the pupils’ writing and are presented with words visually similar grouped together to make it easier for pupils to memorise the words.

The wordlists include suffixes –able, -ssion, -ful, -al, -ion, -ment, -ance, -ate, -ant, -ard, -ery, -ic, and- ary, the prefixes per, mis, dis, and ex, silent letter combinations with d and n, homophones and the counties in Ireland .

Many of the activities focus on the visual letter patterns in the words and additional words to those in the lists with similar patterns are included in the activities.

The activities include crosswords, close procedure exercises , phonic activities , spelling rules –eg –cial or -tial, plural rules , rules when adding suffixes ,adding prefixes, spelling tips , word searches, word shapes, homophones, mnemonics, finding little words in the bigger words , putting words into sentences , unjumbling sentences, matching phrases to make sentences, segmenting words into syllables, matching words to their definitions, using a thesaurus to find synonyms, antonyms and alphabetical order, activities on collective and proper nouns, adverbs and adjectives.

Lots of opportunities are provided to apply the spelling in different contexts to ensure understanding of the words the pupils are learning to spell.

Spelling lists with practice sheets for each unit to be completed at home each night using the Look, Say, Cover, Write Check technique.

Self-evaluation weekly record sheets.

An overall record grid to record scores for each unit for both teachers and pupils to monitor and track progress.