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Transition Maths 2nd Edition

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Smart civilisations introduce their young people to new branches of mathematics and encourage their natural curiosity and creative thinking. This full-colour book aims to encourage students and teachers to discuss infinity, paradoxes, square roots of minus numbers, the fourth dimension and many other fascinating and stimulating concepts in mathematics whilst also covering essential aspects of the Leaving Cert syllabus.

TARGETED CONTENT: The content is designed to engage and interest Transition Year students. Chapters can be completed in any order depending on the teacher’s preferences, interests, time and students’ ability. It is not a fixed syllabus.

ASSESSMENT: Transition Year can sometimes be difficult to assess. This book can be used as a portfolio and the work can be collected, assessed and graded at the end of the year.

ABILITY LEVEL: The book is aimed at Ordinary and Higher Level students. Questions appear at the end of each chapter and are designed to ensure students from both levels have a sufficient number of exercises. Answers to all questions are provided at the back of the book.

PROJECT WORK: There are 63 Projects spread throughout all chapters to encourage group work and student curiosity. Some projects may take an entire class period to complete. Others may be used as homework exercises or as in-class activities.

STATISTICS: A whole new extra chapter on Statistics has been included in this New 2nd Edition.

CALCULATOR WORK: A useful reference guide on Calculator Use is included. Students can refer to it to learn how to use a calculator to perform mathematical operations as they progress through the book.

FAMOUS MATHEMATICIANS: Brief biographies of relevant famous figures who shaped our understanding of maths in the world today appear throughout the book.