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Uso de la Gramatica Espanola Nivel Intermedio 2010 Edition NOW €5 (Non-refundable)

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A new edition of the well-known and appreciated Uso series!

The new graphic design, as well as updated and improved exercises compared to the previous version make learning Spanish even more fun and effective!

The Uso series is intended for students of upper secondary schools and participants of language courses.

The book can be treated both as a textbook or as supplementary material during the lesson, and can also be used for self-study.

- The Uso series focuses on grammar problems, it contains explanations and definitions as well as many varied exercises aimed at learning and assimilating grammar structures and linguistic knowledge.

- Each book in this series contains a grammar syllabus, which corresponds in content to most textbooks for learning Spanish in the first, second and third year of study, respectively.