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Yuri's Study Card French Grammar Part 2

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Yuri’s French Grammar Card consists of two parts: Basic to intermediate and intermediate to advanced.

The French advanced card contains 30 charts with more complex grammar with formulas and examples so you can easily see how these structures are formed. One page is dedicated to the subjunctive as this is a topic that can be confusing to many French students. This is a great card for those studying at a higher level and want to have a reminder at hand of such structures.

The charts are displayed in a set of colours to help you easily identify the word you need.

The colours yellow, purple and green, display the different persons or pronouns: je, tu, il, elle, on, nous, vous, ils and els. So, when you see these colours in any of the charts, you will know which person it corresponds to.

Yuri’s Study Cards – French grammar – Intermediate to advanced

Some of the grammar topics included in the card:

The imperative

Relative pronouns (qui, que, lequel, etc.)

Past simple

Subjunctive endings in the past, present and present perfect tense

Subjunctive uses

Reported Speech (il a dit qu’il…)

Direct and indirect expressions

Position of pronouns in sentences

Passive Voice

List of verbs that use avoir and faire

Expressions of opinion