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Yuri's Study Card Irish General Grammar Part 1

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Yuri’s Irish Grammar Cards consist of two parts. 

The first part of the Irish series contains 30 charts with grammatical categories such as pronouns, articles, possessives and verbs. Most of this card is focused on the verb conjugations in the present, past and future tense, regular and irregular verbs, the conditional and lists of verbs with prepositions.

The charts are displayed in a set of colours to help you easily identify the word you need.

The Irish spelling changes are shown throughout the cards, with the colour green for aspiration, (séimhiú) and with the colour orange for eclipsis (urú).

The colours yellow, purple and green display the different persons or pronouns: mé, tú, sé, sí muid, sibh and said. So, when you see these colours in any of the charts, you will know which person it corresponds to.

The tables are independent from each other, so you can focus on the chart related to the topic that you are studying in class.

Yuri’s Study Cards – Irish grammar – Part 1

Some of the grammar topics included in the card:

Definite and indefinite articles

Personal pronouns


The copula forms

Bí in the present tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative

Past, present and future tense

Useful verbs with prepositions

The conditional

Irregular verbs