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Yuri's Study Card Spanish Grammar Part 1

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Yuri’s Spanish Grammar consists of two parts: Basic to intermediate and intermediate to advanced.

The first Spanish card has over 30 independent tables, and just as the rest of the cards, it contains word classes such as pronouns, possessives, prepositions, adjectives, articles, etc.

It also contains the verb endings for the present, past, imperfect, conditional and future.

The tables display all the foundation grammar that you need to know when studying Spanish as a second language from basic up to an intermediate level.

Some of the grammar topics that are included in the basic to intermediate level card:

Definite and Indefinite articles / Personal Pronouns / Wh-Questions / Possessives / Adjectives / Reflexive pronouns and verbs / Frequency adverbs / Verb tenses (present, past, imperfect, future, conditional) / List of common regular and irregular verbs / Demonstratives / The negative / Keywords / Time expressions